College Workshops and internships

We also provide workshops at college and internships here itself.And following are details about the topic with duration of each sessions:

ARM Microcontroller:

3 day class will be provided on ARM Microcontroller.And futher details will be on this pdf Session wise break up lpc2138

Pic Microcontroller:

4 days class will be provided on Pic Microcontroller.And further details will be on this pdf 4day_interfacing_all_sensors_PIC Session wise break_up1

8051 Microcontroller:

Basics about 8051 Microcontroller will be teached here.And more details will be available on pdf 8051 Session wise break_up_with all sensors_2days

Raspberry Pi:

Introduction to Raspberry Pi ,introduction to python,introduction to Linux,and image processing and case studies will be available on this 5 day program.And for more details check this pdf 5day_rpi_image_processing_Session_wise_breakup