PIC Development Board

PIC16F877A Development Board with on-board USB Programmer

This board is best for professionals to develop pic micro controller based devices.This board has an on board programmer which can be directly interfaced to MPLAB IDE .This board has a dip 40pin IC base Compatible With PIC16f877A, PIC18F452 ICs .

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1. 8LED interface
2. Alpha Numeric LCD interface
3. 4×4 Matrix Keypad Interface
4. EEPROM 24C02
5. RTC DS1302

6. Seven Segment Display on SPI
7. Stepper Motor interface using ULN2003
8. Potentiometer for ADC
9. 14 pin Expansion Header
10. Onboard Buzzer
11. Tactile Switch on EXT interrupt PIN
12. Female Berg connector for ports
13. 12V alternate power jack and connector
14. 5pin Programmer interface to program other PIC MCUs
15. RS232 DB9 interface 16. IR RX and TSOP RX interface

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